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Expert in Web Marketing

Hello World! Welcome and enjoy the portfolio which features a collection of various work that I have done across all sorts of media platforms. I’m changing my website to be a bit more personable. More items to come. But for now, I just want to drop a note that I’m adding more finished and published…

Does Google Use Keywords To Rank?

Expert in Web Marketing

Google doesn’t use the “keywords” meta tag in web search ranking. Watch and listen to one of the Google Engineers.

Why Sopa Is Going To Screw Us All

Why Sopa Is Going To Screw Us All

Watch this documentary by Chase Whiteside and Erick Stoll. What is SOPA? What is PIPA? Find out how the bills work? How does this effect YOUR banking? How will they be blocking access and censor our searches? Will this give us a bad global precedent? Will this threaten free speech? Will this stifle innovation and…

What Is An Effective Web Marketing Strategy?

Expert in Web Marketing

If you are struggling with people finding you online and contacting you to schedule an appointment. The only reason why you’re failing is because you don’t have a good website marketing strategy. If you ask any successful offline world entrepreneur how it’s possible to build a great business without a proper strategy, he’ll start laughing….

Why Alt Tags Matter For Your Website?

Expert in Web Marketing

If you’ve been around the SEO block a few times, you probably have heard of terms like “alt tags,” “meta tags” and “title tags.” These are generally not visible to readers of your website, but instead are read by search engines for SEO purposes. While you may have read that such tags aren’t really necessary,…

Single Servings For Customer Appreciation Day

How To Present Your Branding Event?

Should you serve a dish filled with stuff or should you serve single servings? Host your next Customer Appreciation Day whether at your office or rec center consider your presentation. Have your delights that are affordable but with class. Pouring chips in a bowl, cheap eats in another bowl or unwrapping a frosted white cake…

8 Tips For Branding, Marketing, And Promotions Online

Web Marketing Tips

It does not matter what product or service that a person or company is trying to sell there are always similar products or services that are available.  To become the preferred choice in the competitive marketplace, branding online and offline is needed. Building a strong brand is one of the most important things a person…

Posh Baby Co Launch Announcement

Beaumont's Posh Baby Company

PoshBabyCo.com Launches: New Website Dedicated to Anyone Who Wants to Find the Perfect Baby Shower Gift, Vintage Furnishings, and Couture Children’s Apparel. March 15, 2010 (Beaumont, Texas). I-SYTES, Inc.  is pleased to announce the launch of PoshBabyCo.com, a website devoted to moms and sophisticated ladies who are looking for “the place” to shop for unique…

Burnett Services Is Revitalized Burnett Air Systems

Katy's Burnett Air HVAC Services

They have been in business since 2000, the former Burnett Services is now Burnett Air Systems. We enhanced their new brand with a new functional website and we are doing web marketing for them. Burnett Air Systems has not only made some major face lifts of their brand, but they still provide heating and cooling…

HELP, My Domain Is Being Held Hostage By A Third Party

who owns my domain

One of my new clients has domain names registered for their website under a third party who setup their phone systems in their office space. Telecommunications service companies should not DARE offer registering or hosting to any of their clients. This is not their area of true business and it is a manipulative scheme. After…