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Are You On The List?

Business Directory Listing

Web Directory Listings In the research of working the Houston market a lot of keywords people use to find certain types of companies on industry or business related directories. It is important to be listed on directories. Very similar to traditional advertising methods. Such as picking up the phone book and looking up a category…

Do You Need A Blog?

How to Blog

Adding a blog to your existing website. A simple quick link to your blog address. This is not like a new website development that is going to take weeks to produce. Depending on how advance your Blog could be it can be done within hours. In my honest opinion I will confess…I have done all…

Does Advertising Work?

Does Advertising Work?

Advertising does work. The truth is anyone can advertise their business. But very few can do it effectively. For example, have you ever noticed the Garage Sale signs in neighborhoods? What causes more traffic to go to one sale vs another? Some may be a ripped up weathered cardboard box on a stake with a…

An Artist Named Jeff Sanson

E&P Illustrations

True artists and illustrators are hard to find these days. But I was blessed to meet one who has a phenomenal talent in creating quality illustrations from the conceptualization stage to final art that can compel, educate, and attract viewers. His name is Jeff Sanson. He has illustrated items on packaging for retail and food…

What Is Social Marketing?

What is Social Networking?

Facebook, MySpace, eBlasts, Blogs, Blogging, YouTube Basically it is another form of brand awareness. A way to reach a target market that may be interested in your product and/or service. These outlets will allow consumer interaction. Similar to results of word-of-mouth that can be contagious. It is a great way to interact with your consumer…