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Recommendations = More Business

In My Opinion Good reviews are like gold to a business owner. In fact, a recent survey of Manta users found that referrals are the most valued source of new business leads. So getting them should be an important part of your marketing plan. Go ahead and ask your customers to add one to your…

Use the Language of Your Audience

Expert in Web Marketing

Always consider the people you are connecting with when marketing and selling. You don’t want to sound condescending or confusing but you should sound like you know what you’re talking about. Use the lingo of your industry when that is your audience. But avoid lingo when addressing a general audience.

Add These Important Extras to Your Emails

Expert in Web Marketing

Make sure you include a signature file in all of your outgoing email–personal and business—that includes full contact details, including phone number, address and website address. This is also a great place to promote a special offer or to highlight a promotional page on your website.

Make Personal Phone Calls

Expert in Web Marketing

Whenever possible, make personal phone calls to your customers. If your customer hears your voice, they will feel like your company really cares. In a world where email and other quick forms of communication are popular, you can make your small business stand out by making personal phone calls in addition to your usual communication…

Survey Your Customers

Expert in Web Marketing

Listening to your customers can always give you a reality check. It’s easy to listen to good news, but what happens when a customer gives you bad news? Acting on bad news might just be the best thing you can do to make your business better. So be brave, and learn what these opinions are,…

Be an Energetic & Enthusiastic Leader

Expert in Web Marketing

Negative attitudes bring the whole team down. Adopting a can-do attitude and implementing enthusiasm in your day-to-day interactions will energize your team and encourage them to look for the positive in even the most challenging situations presented.

Diversify on Social Media

Expert in Web Marketing

When it comes to social media, diversify your content; ask questions, post interesting quotes, add photos and videos. Changing up your content will keep users engaged–and engaged users turn into loyal customers.

Renegotiate Contracts to Save Cash

Expert in Web Marketing

If you’re looking for ways to save money, try to negotiate lower rates with companies you do business with. For example, if you hire a cleaning crew or if you rent the space where your business resides, try to renegotiate those contracts to save on expenses. It’s worth a try even if it means reducing…

How Would You Like To Have Access To Your Own Website?

Expert in Web Marketing

Well, now you can! Have access to your own website or blog news site. It is very simple, and your information and pictures will post to your site in seconds.

Why Should I Advertise My Business Online?

Expert in Web Marketing

Advertising online is the way to go. Many people are searching online for local plumbers, electricians, home remodeling, and air conditioning repair. This will be essential to your business if you have a website where people can find you for estimates and potential business!