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Burnett Services Is Revitalized Burnett Air Systems

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Katy's Burnett Air HVAC Services

They have been in business since 2000, the former Burnett Services is now Burnett Air Systems. We enhanced their new brand with a new functional website and we are doing web marketing for them. Burnett Air Systems has not only made some major face lifts of their brand, but they still provide heating and cooling equipment, sales, service, and support to the Greater Houston Area and Katy, Texas.


We are promoting Burnett Air Systems through their own blog at http://burnettair.blogspot.com/ One or many of the experts will blog about their service offers of residential and commercial HVAC installation, maintenance and repair services.


We are also producing PR releases through local media websites to talk about general home comfort needs, prevention of HVAC problems, routine checkup promotions and soliciting coupons for special promotions.

Creating Social Media Buzz through Forums

We won’t disclose what forums we use, but I will say that it varies on the topic. In the forums we take active reviews from their clients and use their experiences as reviews of their recent new HVAC installation, routine maintenance or emergency repair service, and/or how they could count on Burnett Air Systems for all their home comfort needs. Cross references of phrases and keywords get picked up through search engines where a particular browser is looking for information that a Googler may be researching for their own needs. Some people look for other opinions, reviews of services to make the right decision to choose service company A or company B. Our job is to bring social awareness. Similar to product placement in movies or TV shows.


CHECK OUT OUR COOL SPECIALS is usually how we will start a call to action to promote Burnett Air Systems in one of their email campaigns to their client or potential client database. These emails is to keep their brand in front of their customers with expert comfort advice that could actually use or to invite them to take advantage of special offers to save their customer from major expense of a breakdown during peak seasons.


We produce attractive branded ads on various site promotions, ad posting consumer driven directory websites, local media websites that offer best deals in town, discounts or coupons. Click here to see an example of a web coupon: http://www.burnettair.com/actuneupspecial.htm

In every web marketing promotions we do the best that we can to give accurate information about our clients, a link to their website and their contact information to assist in keyword and phrases to be found by their next customer or to continue their relationship with a current client.

Just having a website is okay. But to get the best investment in your marketing you have to promote on all platforms. Driving traffic to your business has to be a constant effort.

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