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Why Sopa Is Going To Screw Us All

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Why Sopa Is Going To Screw Us All

Watch this documentary by Chase Whiteside and Erick Stoll.

What is SOPA? What is PIPA?
Find out how the bills work? How does this effect YOUR banking?
How will they be blocking access and censor our searches?

Will this give us a bad global precedent? Will this threaten free speech? Will this stifle innovation and new start up companies?

Why haven’t I heard any of the large media companies support this? Find out why there is a news media silence of the function of PIPA/SOPA? (The media who owns every major news network.)

Who will be the private police power?

Congress is trying to pass legislation that threatens free speech and innovation on the Internet, under the banner of anti-piracy efforts.

What’s at risk? The proposed infrastructure would damage the security of the Internet and allow the government extensive censorship abilities.

The result? Your favorite websites, both inside and outside the US, could be blocked based on a single infringement claim, without any due process of law.

How is it done? The US will be able to block a site’s web traffic, ad traffic and search traffic using the same website censorship methods used by China, Iran and Syria.

What about piracy? Piracy is a problem but there are better ways to address it that don’t stifle innovation, knowledge and creativity — or give the US such unchecked power over the global Internet.